1965 Auburn High School Excalibur Yearbook


Each page of the 1965 yearbook was digitally scanned and is made available here. You have a choice of viewing the entire yearbook as a .PDF file (approx. 32 megs) or you can view the individual pages via the Photo Gallery.

While viewing any of the individual pages in the Photo Gallery, you have an option of downloading that page at its original scanned resolution (2400 x 3150 pixels). Click on the download icon at the lower right of the expanded page and a new window will open allowing you to save the original image. Each scanned page is in grayscale format and is approximately 1.7 megs.

If you have any comments about any page in particular, use the "Email Me" button on the bottom of each page. Otherwise any other questions or comments in general can be sent by using the "Email Me" at the bottom of this page.

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  • 1965 Excalibur in .PDF format (complete book, 32 megs)
  • 1965 Excalibur in Photo Gallery (page by page)

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