Lightfoot Family Association

The Lightfoot Family Association published a series of newsletters from 1978 to about 1985 when the group ultimately fell apart. The quarterly issues were not always on time and several issues were combined into one large mailing. All were typewritten and then mimeographed or photocopied for distribution. Errors not caught during the typing process were fixed by merely writing over the typed copy or entering notes in the margins. This was all done before the widespread use of computers or e-mail.

Researchers should be aware that these papers are over 20 years old and therefore may contain facts which have since been revised or disproven. In addition, each issue has numerous typing and spelling errors most of which were corrected in subsequent issues.

Because the mimeographed paper was somewhat thin and the ink process was quite heavy, there is a noticeable bleed-through when viewing each side of one page. The copies that I have are not perfectly clear but are still very legible in spite of some confusing syntax and notations made on the original copies.

If anybody has any real difficulty reading any of these or would like a higher resolution copy of any page, just e-mail me and ask for the specific page. And because several people have asked, I can supply all issues and high resolution images on one CD for a nominal cost of $10. Please e-mail me for information.

There is a rudimentary index of "queries" on several of the later issues but it is difficult to use. My next project may be to create a linked index of all the names in those queries. (Like I need something else to do.) ☺

Special thanks to Ellis S. Allen who generously sent me copies of all issues and pages.