Family Genealogy Reports

My current family database holds over 40,000 individuals, 7,170 unique surnames, and 14,330 families. All of these individuals are related to me in some manner; of course most of these are probably 6th and 7th cousins and I'd never recognize any family resemblance if we passed each other on the street.

The following documents will allow you to choose which set of relatives you wish to view. There are documents pertaining to my wife's Renton and Holmes relatives as well as my own Lightfoot and Drugan relatives. In all cases, ONLY ONE GENERATION AT A TIME IS SHOWN ON EACH PAGE. You must click on the arrows to proceed to the next or preceding generation.

I have attempted to privatize all information pertaining to living individuals. Names will be shown but no other information is provided for these living persons. For those that think any name should not appear on my records and want me to remove that name from these web pages, please remember that the name appears in multiple public records such as birth records, voter registration lists, newspaper articles, telephone directories, census records, and worst of all, Facebook. After you have gotten all governments agencies to remove your name from their records, recall all newspapers that were ever published with your name or picture in them, and have successfully collected every telephone directory published since you first got a telephone, then contact me and we'll talk about removing your name. In the meanwhile, I am following standard genealogical practice and am withholding all personal and private information that may appear in my family database.

The first two choices of "Ancestors of Brian L. Lightfoot" or "Ancestors of Carol C. Renton" display only those direct line ancestors going back as many generations for which I have information. Each web page consists of a single generation.

The next four choices of "Descendants of Andrew Drugan / Daniel Lightfoot / William Renton" are all inclusive records that show up to 17 generations and as such includes many families that are not in my own or my wife's direct lines. This is where the aunts, uncles, and cousins will appear. Each successive generation page contains many more names and the file size of each page grows accordingly.

The choice for the "Pedigree of Brian L. Lightfoot" shows how each successive family was established and how they relate to one another.

The final choice of the murder of Gunnild Hanson shows the interesting newspaper accounts of this story as it happened

Many of the HTML pages will display a thumbnail photo of a person or a document. Clicking on the thumbnail will open a larger, medium resolution image. If you want a copy of the full size, high resolution image, just email me and request a copy.

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