Family Photo Albums

As much information about each photo is provided as far as I know it. Many photos have "guesstimated" dates and locations but if you can provide any additional specifics about any photo, please email me and let me know. All of the photos are arranged chronologically into various folders for any given year. Albums with many images are divided into folders chronologically.

folderAfter clicking any folder to open it, you will see rows of thumbnail images of all the photos inside of that folder. Clicking on any of the thumbnails will open a full size image of that photo along with a brief description and other pertinent information. You can continue to browse though the photos one at a time, or return to the thumbnail index page, or return to the Home Page of this website. If you want to view the photos as part of a self-running SLIDESHOW, simply open a photo and then click on the PLAY button at the bottom.

globe iconSome photos and videos (especially the Drone Video files) also have GPS information which give the exact location at which the photo or video was taken. Once you click on a thumbnail of a photo or video, you will see a "globe icon" appearing in the lower left corner of the text caption below the enlarged image. If you click on the globe icon, it will open a separate Google Maps window which will display the exact location. Not all photos or videos contain GPS information.

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